by al armiger

Tango couple
Tango couple

There she lay upon my bed,
Her slender limbs seductively spread,
But for the hose and belt she’s worn,
Lying naked as the day she’s born.

I draw my body close to hers,
So close we are my vision blurs.
I drag my lips around her head,
Until they finally come to wed,
With hers.

Darting tounges and burning lips,
Hot passion grips us both.
Our clutching fingers disengage,
To explore our bodies’ sexual maze.

Each curve, each mound,
From the knape of her neck,
To the fold of her knee.
And then I come to her canape.
Pink folds of flesh,
All garnished blonde,
I want to touch and taste.

I conquer her erogenous zones,
And she responds in muffled moans.
I stop to gaze in ecstasy,
Her spendid body next to me.

Her heaving breasts, all hot and tight.
Her wet red lips reflect the light.
She whispers little fantasies.

Her dreamy eyes all glazed with lust,
I move my hand across her bust.
She heaves her chest,
Her nipples thrust.
I gently baste them, with my tounge and lips,
And try to hold her writhing hips.

She drags her stockinged heel,
Back up my leg,
And hoists her crutch to mine,
As if to beg,
“I want you now,” her whispered plea,
“Deep and hot inside of me.”

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