Poetry: TEASE

by al armiger

Santa Monica Blvd USA
Santa Monica Blvd USA

I tired of wanting you to want me,
Like I wanted you.
You tell me you've even tried my name,
And eloping planned!

Then I see you again,
And its all been a game.
Your bodies generated that field once more.
Don't come too close,
No kisses, no strokes,
Just good friends.
Yeah right!

Well I can be your lover,
Or I can be your friend.
I can even be both!

But I cannot be switched from one to other,
Like some sort of stove.
Turn the heat up-
Now turn it back again.

Plus I know that he still reigns,
Or else why do we have to hear his loves obituary,
Over and over.
Who are you trying to convince, it's dead,
Me or you?

So go to it, grow a little more in your Simonless city.
Try your hand at your capitalist ventures,
Build your independance,
If that's what you want.
But don't kid me,
I'm not on hold waiting for a line.
I'm not on freeze waiting for a thaw.
I'm on go ready to happen.

I'm gone.